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Allen Harder

Allen Harder

Died Feb. 1977 Kansas City Mo

Allen James Harder 


Indiana University Bloomington

Field: Philosophy

Auther of Book:

Methodological Problems in Contemporary Cosmology written in 1966


No obituary found just a note from his daughter:


Dr. Allen James Harder would have been 64 this coming October 28--and that doesn't seem possible. One thing I wished was that he and Julie had become parents, but they were uncertain about whether or not the baby would be healthy with all of the chemo, radiation, and other meds that Allen had to take. Allen was one-of-a-kind, and I believe that--as horrible as everything seemed from this side--the people who were overtaken by the tsunami are now enjoying the long-run with Allen, my dad, and others who have gone ahead of us!



U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current
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Allen Harder





















Last Residence:

64111  Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA


28 Oct 1942

Last Benefit:

64137  Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, United States of America


Feb 1977

State (Year) SSN issued

Iowa (1959)