50th Class Reunion



August 21 & 22  2009


Saturday Night:

Welcome Home!!

 David Druker and Ron Wooster


 Bernie Brown


Carolyn Jessen Brimmer

Denny Lynch and Dave Mendenhall

Jim and Joan Donaldson Tough

Judy (John) Detrich and Sandy Specht Fiems

Shelia stevens, Sang and Craig Carlson, Dick Stevens and Denny Severson

Annette and Larry Phipps

Back of Jim Scovill, Al Seffinga, Denny White and Roger Norder

Jo Cook Speer, Jean Stubbs Cunningham and Jeannie Cook Garrington

Margo Neudorff Schmid with husband Hank

Bev Woodley Swearingen and Ron Wooster

Lynn Cunningham with wife Mary

Karen Swartz Weltzin and Barbara Oberstein Kaplan


Wayne Helfer and Dave Hansen

Larry Randall

Sherry and Roger Norter

Rodger Watson, June and Chuck McKubbins

Carol Hulsizer Krause


Millie Gustafson Loughridge inviting us to Arizona

"Dr. Bob" Moore, spokesman for the Orpheum Threatre renovation

Dave Hansen, Our Master of Ceremonies "Great job Dave!"

 Taking time to remember those who have passed away: see below

A Long awaited "official crown" for our homecoming queen, Sammy Conte' Wagaman

Roger Norder receiving the $50 (golden coins) door prize from Chuckie Dougan Peterson

Barbara Oberstein Kaplan receiving the other $50 gold pieces.

Jeannine Loros Heng

Karen Harris Pattie, Sharon Coulter Gray & Barbara Johnson D'Orazio

Lynn Cunningham, Bernie Brown & Jean Stubbs Cunningham

Jim Hatfield and Pete Jacobson

Linda & Dave Whaley and Meredith (Ted) Williams

Rodger Watson with two of his daughters, Robin and Alisha

Jim and Joan Donaldson Tough

Barb and Ernie Green

Dave Hansen, Kent Loney and Margo Neudorff Schmid

Chuck McCubbins and John Detrich 

John Perry                                    Patsy Stotts Halverson 


Judy Eige Rundall

Jane and Jim Hatfield, Kenny Lamb

Jerry and Erika Butzlaff Miller

Al Seffinga and Ruthanne Lee Mathews

Judy Noid Seffinga and Carolyn Pearson Giesking

Ted Williams, Dave Mendenhall and Dennis White

Roberta (Irvine)  Paul, Dick Stevens and Denny Severson

Leni Manning Proctor, Carolyn Jessen Brimmer, and Dale Nichols

Donna Ferguson Drury

Jan and Dennis Lynch

Jack Gooding and Margy Nielson DeLeonardi

Darrell and Nona Eaton

Alice and Kenneth Rowe

Dale Nichols and Barbara Oberstein Kaplan

Craig and Sang Carlson


Friday night:

Chuckie (Dougan) & Darrel Peterson with  Ron Wooster

Al Seffinga, Sandy Specht Fiems and Ruthanne Lee Mathews

Phil and Karen Pattie, Ron Wooster, Jo Cook Speer


Judy Noid Seffinga, Carolyn Pearson Giesking, Ellen Medhus Owens

Marta Stensvaag Limbacher is visiting with Susan Augustine Hansen & Millie Gustafson Loughridge

Judy Smoldt Seffinga, Ellen Medhus Owens, Carolyn Pearson Giesking and Al Seffinga

Deanna Smith Rhiner, Jeannine Loros Heng, Sharon Coulter Gray

Gary Gould, Chuckie Dougan Peterson, Darrel Peterson, Gary Gifford

 Ron Wooster greats guests Gary Bolar and Lonnie Poland

Roger Norder, Judy (John) Detrich


Jim and Alice Scovill

Roger Norder, Chuckie Dougan Peterson, Chuck McCubbin, Gary Bolar

Lynn Cunningham, and John Wells  Background: Dick Closs and Jim Scovill

Visitor, Stan Wooster looking at scrap books with Karen Swartz Weltzine and Ron and Carol Navara.  Thanks Karen for sharing your books!

Roger Norder and Dennis White

Marta Stensvaag Limbacher, Ruthanne Lee Mathews, Susan Augustine Hansen and Bev Woodley Swearingen

Ron Wooster and Class of 1960 visitor, Linda Williams York

Former teacher, Bill Vana in background

Dennis White and Jo Cook Speer

Dennis White, Jo Cook Speer,Guest of Dick Clouse

Back row - Al Seffinga and Dick Clouss

Leni Manning Proctor, Barbara Oberstein Kaplan

Visitor from class of 1960, Gary Bolar with  Jean Stubbs Cunningham and Chuck McCubbin

Erika Butzlaff and Ron Wooster

Susan Augustine Hansen

Jim & Pat Nodland Hilsabeck with Jim Paul and John Rundall


Mike Marble

Barbara Johnson D'Orazio with husband Ron

Craig Carlson, Bernie Brown and Dave Hansen

Sharon and Gary Gould with Darrel Peterson

Pat (Dunsmoor) and Bob Berry

Charles Butcher, Nona and Darrell Eaton, Larry and Vicky Vint

Saturday morning brunch

Millie busy with her camera 

Send us yours Millie!

Jean Stubbs Cunningham laughing with Sybil Bailey Johnson