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09/16/08 09:35 PM #1    

Judy Noid (Seffinga)

Welcome to the Marshalltown High School Class Of 1959 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/23/08 11:35 AM #2    

Robert (Bob) Moore

This Web site is very nicely done! Good work to all involved.

12/02/08 05:06 PM #3    

Jeannine I. Loros

This is a great website and a great idea....Thank you so much for a great committee and all the techies that did this. I am so impressed!! It is such fun to look around and see people that I haven't seen or heard from for 50 years. It's awesome. Jeannine Heng

12/04/08 10:39 AM #4    

Rodger Watson

A lot of us are looking forward to the BIG 50 reuion and convention. With sponsors like The Scooter Store and Hover-a-round + all the pharmaceutical companies ( like those that make Benefiber, Crestor and high blood pressure med's)and the wet-bar is giving away 1 package of Attends with each drink, so stock-up. Some of us are greatful and we thank you for your support!!!lol The 50 should be fun for all and a great time to see GOOD old friends. And last, but not least, thanks to all of you that put this Web site together!!! A job well done!

12/04/08 11:28 AM #5    

Ken Rowe

Great job by the committee in creating and maintaining this website. It's very easy to access.

Ken Rowe

01/02/09 03:41 PM #6    

Jim Ray

This page should have been the first page. I'm sorry. I really feel bad about wanting to track some of my friends that are already gone.

01/09/09 05:45 PM #7    

Celia J. Forbes (Kilmer)

Edna died from a brain tumor. Leaving a son Joey

01/12/09 01:12 AM #8    

Celia J. Forbes (Kilmer)

cathy died of cancer. She was married to Gene horn

02/10/09 01:58 AM #9    

Gary Gould

This website is a great idea. Kudos to the committee for setting it up.

02/22/09 05:56 PM #10    

Myrna Niederhauser (Hartwig)

Thanks to all that made this site possible. It's good to be able to contact "old" friends again. Wish I had your expertise. Sure does bring back many wonderful memories from M.H.S. I get a lump in my throat still today when I see the marching band in parades. Myrna Niederhauser Hartwig

03/01/09 04:34 AM #11    


Thomas Schmidt

This shows to go ya that everything gets better with age, huh. I am still planning on being at the reunion, but a lot depends on my wife's health. As we say in the Navy, Bravo Zulo for a job will done on the site.


03/09/09 05:46 PM #12    

Jean L. Stubbs (Cunningham)

A huge "Thank You" to all of you who are working so hard on our 50th Reunion. This website is awesome and I continue to enjoy looking at it on a regular basis. Please let me know if I can help in anyway.

See you in August.


04/18/09 03:33 PM #13    

Deanna Smith (Rhiner)

Another word of thanks to the committee for all of their hard work and organizational skills! How many classes can boast that they have reunions every FIVE years?? We are fortunate to have a committed planning group and we are lucky that they enable all of the rest of us to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Thanks--

Looking forward to our 50th---Deanna Smith Rhiner

07/19/09 10:07 AM #14    

Elaine Tweed (Wiese)

I am also looking forward to the reunion. I wanted to come to the past ones but was busy being remodeled like a kidney transplant, new bladder and getting rid of the parts that we don't need. I am good for the long haul now! Sad about the ones we lost. Elaine

07/27/09 09:56 PM #15    

Celia J. Forbes (Kilmer)

We thought that it was strange for both our e-mails to go
whacky.We both had people try and get in our e-mail. Windstream caught it and sent us both copys of what they were doing. Someone is watching us. Have a good day

08/03/09 12:38 PM #16    

Mary Turner (Henderson)

Does any one have Virgina Reddens email? I want to encourage her to come to the reunion!

Mary Turner Henderson

08/24/09 11:15 AM #17    

Mary Turner (Henderson)

Thanks to the Reunion Committee for such a well run and wonderful get together! It was fun, sweet, poignant and sobering to see so many from our past! But over all I thought we looked fabulous!!!

We are back on Nantucket....a world away from Marshalltown Iowa....but would love to have any of you who are visiting the island or San Francisco to give us a call and stop by!

I hope you all stay around for the next 5 years and we can meet up again for the 55th!

08/27/09 06:02 PM #18    


Wayne Helfer

The 50th reunion was a blast. The committee did a wonderful job. It was so much fun trying to identify everyone; we have changed a little!!!!! NICE JOB COMMITTEE.

09/11/09 09:05 AM #19    

Jim Hatfield

Hello again to those I reconnected with at the reunion. Sorry I missed so many of you. One evening's not enough.

My other regret is not accepting Dave Hanson's offer to "say something else." If I'd had one fewer drink I'd have proposed a toast to Ruth Zorn, Grace Cooker, Al Fineup, and all the other teachers and staff who helped get us started five decades ago.

(I still laugh when I think about the day Mr. Fienup asked us: "Did you take a shower?" Someone, I forget just who, replied "Why? Is one missing?")

See you all at the 100th!

09/24/09 12:25 AM #20    

Dennis L. White

Great to see all of the pictures. A few labels are in error. The picture of Bert Paul in the light pink top also includes Dick Stevens and Denny Severson.
The Picture labeled Mary and Denny White is in actuality Jan and Denny Lynch. The one picture shows Gary Bolar shaking Ron Wooster's hand. Also in the picture is Ron, Bill, and Stan Wooster's stepbrother Lonnie Poland.
Another picture shows A bit of Denny White, Stan Wooster
(MHS '58) along with Karen, Carol and Ron. The picture of Denny White with Jo Speer has the other gal in front identified as Mary. However it is not Denny's wife Mary. I am wondering if it isn't Dick Steven's wife. In the back is Al Seffinga and Dick Clouse so could it be Dick's wife?

Hope that helps.

Mary White

The reunion was wonderful and we are still talking about it!!

09/28/09 06:43 PM #21    

Ken Rowe

Great job by the committee for putting together an outstanding reunion. Those of us that weren't there to help in the organization are very appreciative of the work that went into the program.

Great job of getting so many good pictures posted.

Ken & Alice Rowe

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